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Guangdong DP Co., Ltd.

LED desk lamps, LED flashlights, LED search lights, LED headlamps, LED emergency lights and LED camping lanterns

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  • Phone: +86 400-881-4588
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    27th Floor, Greenland Center, No. 888 Yun Cheng Xi Lu, Baiyun, Guangzhou, China
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Company Profile
Guangdong DP Co., Ltd., formerly known as DP Lighting & Electronic Technology Co., Ltd, designs, develops and manufactures an advanced range of mobile lighting solutions including LED desk lamps, LED flashlights, LED search lights, LED headlamps, LED emergency lights and LED camping lanterns. Since 2006, DP Lighting has been creating a beautiful array of LED lights that offer exquisite design and versatile functionality while maintaining exceptional quality that stand the test of time through the use of superior materials and innovative engineering.

DP's core competencies include its compelling technology portfolio and professional brand management. With more than 500 patents, DP Lighting has distinguished itself for its aggressive research and development strategies. Through relentless innovation, the company has been consistently able to combine innovative technology with thoughtful engineering to create lighting solutions for virtually any application challenges presented. DP is driven by the latest advances in technology and in turn pushes the technology and performance boundaries with its unique insight of the interrelationship between light sources, optics, thermal management, system integration and lifetime of lamps.

DP has grown to be a well-known mobile lighting brand among the Chinese consumers through an effective brand strategy that has built itself an image of being trendsetting, full of affinity and attentive to personality. From concept to completion, every detail of DP's products is custom designed and meticulously crafted to convey the brand's distinct DNA. With superb style, precise attention to detail, robust performance, and time-tested durability, DP achieves an incomparable brand recognition.

DP's leading position in technology and branding are supported by the company's sophisticated infrastructure. With massive 250,000 square meters of integrated manufacturing facilities that are located in three industrial parks in Guangzhou, DP operates full-scale R&D, engineering, manufacturing and testing facilities that enable to offer cutting edge design, fast turnaround from a design to volume production, and superior customer service. The complete suite of product transformation from quality raw materials to superior finished products are carries under the ISO 9001/10012/14000/18000 protocols to ensure that the products meet the highest possible global and industry standards.
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